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  • How can I add a stopover to my one-way booking?

    Its not possible to make a stopover by a one-way booking. If you wish to make one or more stopovers during your transfer, we advise an hourly booking. Please include the stopovers which you would like to make in the Note for the driver field.

  • When will I receive a confirmation of my booking?

    How fast a booking is accepted is dependent on some factors, like city, date, time, special requests, etc. Almost we are able to provide a booking within a day. You will receive notification of your transfer no later than 24 hours ahead of your pickup time.

  • What if my arrieval is delayed?

    For airport, train or cruise terminal pickups, the driver will wait up to 60 minutes free of charge. We know that there may be reasons beyond your control which could lead to delays. By providing your flight, train, or cruise details during the booking, our driver is able to track your actual arrival time and will fix your pickup time accordingly. If the delay is to long, the driver may not be able to wait. In this case we will always try to contact you to work out another solution.

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